Inspired images thru relationships

I’ve developed my personal style of photography with a vision of inventiveness for the families and friends that I’ve worked with. I’ve learned that it’s all about these creative visions that each group will cherish each time they see their images again. With this energy we help move from the every day life events, into a relationship focused photography event that results in permanent representations of love, friendship, the spiritual ties that bind relationships between mother and child, spouses, siblings, extended family and so forth.

Over this time I’ve had the honor of working with exceptional young adults graduating, couples that are starting their life together, and parents with new additions to the family. We approach each new client with personal care, focused on his or her uniqueness and individual needs.

We also have made many, many contacts with commercial and event clients. Some of these being KPMG accounting, Coast Hotels, Sound Telecom, Masterpark Seattle, Itex trade organization and many dentist, salons, etc….

We work with groups in the hundreds, large and small families, as well as individual portrait sessions. No matter what size, each portrait, each image, will be produced at the highest quality.

Brian Thompson Photography takes pride in our ability to create lasting relationships, keeping prices reasonable, and providing a beautiful product for you and your family.

Check us out, give us a call, and we’ll start making memories.


                                                                                    Thank you!

                                                                                    Brian Thompson